Visual Identity, Teaser Website and Investor Deck

Scale was set to be the conference to inspire learning and innovation; catalyze growth and opportunity; access meaningful sources of deal-flow and capital; and network with the world’s brightest minds.

Scale was launching as a brand and organizing their first conference. They needed a solid brand to differentiate themselves and make a bold impression from day one. Their team needed assets to market the event and pitch potential investors and partners while still developing the project.

The Problem

As their customers were typically in positions of power and very well connected, SCALE needed to create a bold impression to attract a crowd that could already achieve a lot by themselves, using their own resources and connections. They needed to attract nothing less than spectacular partners and investors to be on top of their industry from the very beginning.

The Customer

We identified two different customers. They had the same motivations but addressed their problems from different angles and with different resources. The goal was the same though, to connect with the right people in an environment that brought them all together.

1. Conference Attendee

Their goal was to network. Find funding or partners for highly impactful projects.

2. Investor

Their goal was find people and projects that would move the world forward.

Project Goals


Create a distinctive, bold impression that resonated with potential customers, partners, and investors to make the selling efforts easier.


Have all the necessary assets to start and scale their marketing efforts.


Build anticipation for the brand without having to wait until all brand and event details were fully developed.

The Solution

Once we decided on one visual direction, we developed a simple brand strategy to identify the essence and differentiators of the Scale brand, so we could visualize them later.

A simple brand identity and assets were created. Logo, color palette, and typography.

With those in hand but without having a lot of details figured out, we created a teaser website with just the essential information. We created abstract videos and animations to engage potential customers and build anticipation, without having to commit to specific brand assets that may have not served the project well in the future. The one-page website included the basics like date and location, a brief description of the project, and a way for people that were interested to get in touch and get more details.


The biggest challenge was the gap between customers. They belonged to very different age groups so we had to find common threads that allowed for a strong brand that could emotionally connect with all customers.


User Research

All the user info came from the customer, there was no research done with the customers directly, however, Scale's partners were highly experienced in the industry and had a very clear idea of who they were serving.

Competitive Research

The competitors were other events and conferences where category leaders got together and shaped the world's landscape. There were very few events that got all of them at the same time, though, the events were specific to an industry or a group of them.

Visual Research & Stylescapes

We created a detailed document with visual references from everywhere else to propose two different visual directions that appealed to the users and communicated the essence of the Scale brand. One direction appealed more to the attendee, whereas the other one appealed more to the investor and partner.

The customers main difference was their age, but they were essentially the same person at different stages in their life. So having the same interests and motivations, the young ones looked up to the older ones and saw them as a role model of sorts. This common thread allowed the creation of solid visual proposals that resonated with both audiences, albeit to different extents.


Unfortunately, this project stopped after the teaser website, as the world shut down due to the COVID-19 epidemic and all events were cancelled.