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Latin flavor meets Pacific Islander tradition.

Mezcla uses its Latin American and Pacific Islander roots to take its guests into a fully immersive experience that includes unique craft cocktails, exotic spirits, lively music, positive energy, and warm Latin hospitality.

Mezcla is a happy moment, a happy place.


Mezcla created a new experience for an area of the city that was not usually known for its high-end food. However, it was an up-and-coming area, and as new investments started flowing into the area, a new crowd started coming. New food and beverage option started opening. The owners of Mezcla already had a sister restaurant that served sushi and wanted to push the limits with a new concept.

The quality of the food and drinks was up to par with other high-quality places on The Strip. The challenge was to create a brand that looked sophisticated enough to compete with the more prominent restaurants and, at the same time, looked casual and relaxed, like a neighborhood restaurant.

The Outcome

I worked with the Mezcla team to define their essence through a series of exercises. Once we defined their mission, vision, core values, and attributes. I created a visual identity that reflected the uniqueness of the place.
The logo is made up of two custom-made parts. A smooth script with the name Mezcla represents, on the one hand, the warm feelings and emotions of the Latin and Pacific Islander cultures. And on the other hand, the artisanal style of the food. Always fresh and hand-made.

The other part is the symbol—a mix of waves and a fingerprint. Mezcla has a strong connection with the beach: seafood, good vibes, and relaxation. The fingerprint represents the uniqueness of the fusion between the two cuisines and cultures. All are encased in a square to convey that it's all at the restaurant.

Top shot of a black plate with food and a gold Mezcla restaurant logo on the side