Tony Hsieh's Community Celebration of Life
Event Identity | OOH Graphics | Social Media Assets

Keeping the Vision Alive.

Tony Hsieh was a brilliant and kind visionary. His untimely passing was a massive loss to everyone who loved him. However, he made such an impact that even after his death, people celebrate and ensure his mission gets accomplished.


Tony Hsieh kickstarted a revolution in Downtown Las Vegas by investing his money in bringing startups, culture, and talent worldwide. One year after his death, a group of people that used to work with him decided to put a celebration of his life together.

The challenge was to create an identity that looked respectful of Tony's memory while simultaneously creating awareness and attracting an audience. Also, with so many people involved and more and more people trying to get a place on stage to celebrate Tony's life, revisions were needed on very short notice, so the identity had to be flexible to allow for changes without impacting what was already out

The Outcome

I worked with DTP to create a visual identity that painted Tony in a positive light with inspiration from music festaival visuals. I defined core elements and created basic guidelines so the art could easily be adapted to various platforms on short notice.