Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Teaser Website

Capital, Innovation and Purpose collide

Scale was set to be the conference to inspire learning and innovation; catalyze growth and opportunity; access meaningful sources of deal-flow and capital; and network with the world’s brightest minds.



Scale was launching as a brand and organizing their first conference. They needed a solid brand to differentiate themselves and make a bold impression from day one. Their team needed assets to market the event and pitch potential investors and partners while still developing the project.

As their customers were typically in positions of power and very well connected, SCALE needed to create a bold impression to attract a crowd that could already achieve a lot by themselves, using their own resources and connections. They needed to attract nothing less than spectacular partners and investors to be on top of their industry from the very beginning.

The Outcome

We developed a simple brand strategy to identify the essence and differentiators of the Scale brand, so we could visualize them later.

A simple brand identity and assets were created. Logo, color palette, and typography.With those in hand but without having a lot of details figured out, we created a teaser website with just the essential information.

We created abstract videos and animations to engage potential customers and build anticipation, without having to commit to specific brand assets that may have not served the project well in the future. The one-page website included the basics like date and location, a brief description of the project, and a way for people that were interested to get in touch and get more details.