Must Be Montessori
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Montessori Education for Everybody.

Must Be Montessori creates beautiful, hands-on, Montessori materials printed on wood using the latest technology. So whether an educator or a first-time parent visits it, there's plenty to inspire them!

We Love Montessori


Must Be Montessori started as a promotional merchandise business dedicated exclusively to selling Montessori-themed products. They saw the need to rebrand as they grew bigger and acquired more customers. They approached me to create a new logo and visual identity that aligned more closely with the Montessori philosophy.

The biggest challenge was to penetrate a highly saturated market, as their products were, at that point, not exclusive. Even the most unique identity needed more differentiators than just the brand.

The Outcome

We approached the rebrand by precisely identifying its customers first. We decided to shift the focus from promotional merch to educational materials and lessons, for two different customers: Montessori teachers and parents of non-Montessori children looking to complement their education.

I created a logo based on the concept of pollination. The Montessori philosophy believes that teachers, lessons, and materials act as pollinators, and once they reach the child, it acts as a catalyst for their minds to bloom and reach their full potential. Using this concept, I created a symbol of a pollinator that is not a bird or an insect. Just a pollinator.

The rest of the logo is a wordmark that is part handwriting-inspired to represent the human element of education (the teacher and the child), firmly sitting on a solid foundation that is the Montessori philosophy.