Rouge / Zappos Holiday Party


Digital Assets

Environmental Graphics



Motion Graphics

Art Direction

A one-night trip to the Moulin Rouge.


We wanted to take our guests to a different era, one of glamorous women and dapper men. The venue was Light, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. While it's a great space, it was designed for live shows, so it's a big empty room. Its video setup is notoriously flat, with all displays on flat walls in the back of the venue. We needed to create an immersive environment that made our guests feel like they were in a different century

Paris circa 1900, with a touch of hi-tech.

Inspired by Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge and the aesthetic of 1900 Paris. A gold, red and black palette with a touch of black and white footage. The aesthetic started on the event poster and was carried over to the rest of the decor, video, and lighting at the venue.

I created printed pieces, motion graphics, and videos to turn the nightclub into the Moulin Rouge for one night. I created background elements for the screens and hanging printed pieces to create different planes and add depth to the space. The elements had to play well throughout the night and also support themed performances.

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