Zappos Sound-Reactive Building Experience



LED Installation



Motion Graphics

Wow, for the sake of wowing.


Zappos wanted to "wow" as many Life is Beautiful festival attendees with a cool experience that would enhance their experience. Zappos had ground activations, but with over 100k people attending, their impact was limited to whatever the supplies and bandwidth allowed.

Strictly speaking, there was no pain point in the experience, no problem to be solved. Guests were there for the festival and to see their favorite performers on stage.

The goal was to support the community and businesses that invested in the festival by creating a memorable experience that would attract more people in the future.

A building that listened to the music

The main challenge was to cater to thousands of people with different music tastes and reasons to be at the festival. We created a sound-reactive installation that used the sound signal of the main stage mixer as sound input. The installation spanned the top 8 floors of the Zappos headquarters building facade. It required two operators and around two months to develop a custom-made Quarts app and visual content.

We created short video clips and graphic elements to mix live and combine with the signal to create real-time unique graphics. We used elements that revolved around the audience, not the performers. We could also display real-time generated text on-screen that mixed seamlessly with the rest of the graphics.
Guests could see the show while the giant installation in the background complemented the experience. The sight in itself was impressive due to its massive size, but it also synced to the music seamlessly, extending the physical and sensorial footprint of the show.

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